Features of raindrop motors

Water is life. An old proverb says pure water is the first and foremost medicine. We at Raindrop strive to enrich everyone’s life with this essential element of life. We relentlessly strive to combat and remove water scarcity across India and the world with our wide range of pumping solutions.

Be it a farm, a household, an office or any other institution, we work towards ensuring that no place should remain dry or thirsty.

Inspired with motto, we embarked on our journey to spread prosperity and water way back in 2003.

Over the last decade, Raindrop has established a pan-India footprint with an ever-growing presence in 10 countries. Over the years, we have achieved newer heights with our top class products and state-of-the-art water engineering solutions. As always, we will continue to enrich the lives of Indian and global citizens and make the world a more verdant and happier place.

  • All motors are rewindable and easy to maintain

  • Maximum depth immersion:
    350 meters

  • single phase motors are available in both "CSR" & "CSCR"

  • Available from 0.5 to 150 HP